This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for HEAnet in the operation of eduroam. Please contact with any privacy queries relating to the service.

Description of the eduroam Service

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam allows any user from an eduroam participating organisation to get network access at any location that provides eduroam service.

The basic principle underpinning the security of eduroam is that the authentication of a user is carried out at his/her home organisation (the Identity Provider, or IdP) using the organisation's specific authentication method. The authorisation required to allow access to local network resources is carried out by the visited organisation (the Service Provider, or SP).

Thus, the eduroam roaming consortium is comprised of a number of legal entities: (N)ROs, IdP's and SP's. (National) roaming operators ((N)RO) are entities that operate the eduroam service for a country or economy and coordinate the activity of IdP's and SP's in the respective territory.

HEAnet as National Roaming Operator

HEAnet is the NRO for Ireland. This means that HEAnet operates and maintains the national eduroam gateways (RADIUS servers). In performing this function, HEAnet has visibility of the following data which is recorded in the RADIUS service log files as users of Irish eduroam IdP's roam inside or outside Ireland, and as users of international eduroam IdP's roam inside Ireland:

  • Timestamp of a user authentication.
  • The user's outer identity. At a minimum this identifies the user's home organisation, for poorly configured mobile devices it may uniquely identify the user.
  • The unique MAC address of the user's mobile device.
  • The identity of the visited organisation, where this information is provided by that organisation.

This information is used by HEAnet to operate, maintain and improve the national eduroam gateways. Log entries are kept for a period of 4 weeks for troubleshooting purposes.

HEAnet may share contact details provided by a client with GÉANT in order to support the operation of the service. HEAnet also share certain anonymised data for statistical purposes.

International Coordination

GÉANT is the body which is responsible for the international coordination and interoperability of eduroam. As such GÉANT operates a number of services for the eduroam community, from the technical infrastructure at the European level to supporting services aimed for the world-wide community. Those services are maintained by eduroam Operations Team.

To view the general Privacy Notice for GÉANT, please visit the GÉANT website,