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Offer eduroam to your visitors

Become an eduroam Service Provider

If you receive visitors involved in education or research (for example students, university staff, teachers at universities of applied sciences) then you can set up an eduroam hotspot.

By introducing eduroam, your visitors can easily get a wireless connection to the internet with their eduroam accounts. Click here to learn more about the benefits of introducing eduroam.

We are keen to work with any organisations that wish to include their public Wi-Fi in the eduroam service.

Setting up an eduroam hotspot is usually very straightforward and we encourage you to get in touch with to learn more.

What's involved?

Our team will guide you through the process which would involve:

  • Providing a static/permanent public IP address of at least one, and preferably two, Radius servers. For those acting as a public eduroam SP, the IP address(es) will typically be of a Wi-Fi controller(s).
  • Configuring Wi-Fi equipment to:
    • Support 802.1x, so that per-user authentication is required
    • Broadcast an SSID of eduroam
    • Use encryption of WPA2/AES
    • Enable internet access for authenticated users without requiring user interaction. This precludes the use of such things as a splash page, registration page, non-transparent web proxy, walled garden, etc.
  • Reviewing the Irish eduroam policy to ensure you can comply with its requirements
  • Retaining your DHCP, and Radius, logs as per the policy
  • Adding an eduroam Service Provider page to your website. It needs to provide general details about the eduroam Wi-Fi service for visitors. Our team will provide you with a template for this.