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Offer eduroam to your own users

Become an eduroam Identity Provider

If you want to make eduroam available to your users from your education or research institution then you could become an eduroam Identity Provider.

By introducing eduroam, your users (students, researchers and staff) can easily get a wireless connection to the internet with their eduroam accounts not only at your venue but also in any other eduroam Wi-Fi hotspot around the world.

Please get in touch by emailing if you are an Irish education or research institution and you would like your users to benefit from the advantages of the eduroam Wi-Fi service.

Our team will guide you through the process which would involve:

  • Setting up a Radius service

You will need a Radius service that handles incoming authentication requests and authenticates against your user database.

You may have your own Radius service, or you can contract this to a third party. We offer a Managed Radius service to our clients and we would be happy to discuss this further with you.

If you are a small Irish organisation constrained by resources and/or budgets, and with fewer than 300 users, you might be eligible for a free eduroam Managed IdP service. Please get in touch with us for further information

    • Providing the (globally unique) realm(s) to be used by your users
    • Providing a static/permanent public IP address of at least one, and preferably two, Radius servers
    • Obtaining a suitable SSL certificate for the Radius server(s)

Please get in touch to set up a call with our team now:


Phone: +353-1-660 90 40