eduroam is a federated service that allows roaming research and educational users to more easily obtain Internet access via the WiFi service at participating sites. When attaching to eduroam WiFi users are authenticated via their home site. If authentication succeeds the user is granted wireless network access.

Further information on eduroam is available from the national eduroam site for Ireland, which identifies eduroam hotspots in Ireland, and from the central eduroam service website, which identifies eduroam hotspots worldwide.

Service details

The following are the details of eduroam WiFi offered at Carlow County Council outdoor areas:

  • Wireless network name (SSID): eduroam
  • Encryption levels supported: AES
  • Port/Protocol restrictions? : Yes
  • Transparent proxying of your traffic? : No
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) of wireless device address? : Yes
  • IPv6 support? : No

Support details

Authentication problems should be addressed to the support staff at your home site, as the security mechanisms within eduroam mean that much of the detail of the authentication step is not visible to the eduroam hotspot support staff.

Problems with the local WiFi service may be reported to:

Provider: VEI Global Ltd
Telephone: +353 45 984705